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My wife and I bought two of the programs that Dean endorses. Never should anyone be sold both, we put in countless hours with 0 results and never found time to even try the second program, then all of the mentoring ended, through a special event in Las Vegas we purchased a house fairly reasonably through Property Direct with the property manager already in place. The house was out of state so it was very inconvenient to visit, we trusted our... Read more

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Read this if you are going to a free event. You will know what your in for beforehand and then you can make your own decision... I got a package in the mail saying you have been invited to a free event. I went to that It was more based on selling you their their 3 day seminar but there was a little information shared. THey would like you to sign up for a 3 day event that will cost you almost 2 grand. I did sign up and went to the 3 day event.... Read more

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I cancelled all of my plans as did my guest to attend. We attended on time, yet were not told that it would be close to 3 hours we were forced to leave after 90 minutes because our babysitter needed to go home not one notification tells you how long this "live broadcast" (which it wasn't) would take. We were told that we could NOT have any of the books, or able to enter to win the house AS PROMISSED, nothing was FREE you had to sign up for... Read more

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So glad I didn't spend my money. I attended the workshop last week. They wanted $1997 for the 3 day workshop. I contacted my grandmother who would have given me the money but my grandad wasn't there to talk it over with him first. I left early from the seminar since I wan't able to pay the fee for the class. I had been feeling down the last few days feeling like I missed out on a good opportunity. Just glad I didn't get scammed.... Read more

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On my journey to purse my career in Real Estate, I researched some books, looked over the internet, and the Dean Graziosi was hitting really hard. He was said to be the best on this field and was I lucky that he was having a seminar not so far from my house. Just a few miles drive away from home. So I signed up on the day of the seminar as scheduled. I was charged $2000 cash, and so I entered the hotel for the seminar. ***, I was expecting so... Read more

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Am I the only person that has noticed that Dean Graziozi lacks an Adam's Apple? His lack of a male's voice and feminine features was the first clue. Talking to a camera whilst driving down the highway was my other clue...I have no quarrel with crossdressers/transvestites/transexuals/whatever...but I don't want a man in a dress trying to rip me off much less a woman impersonator. It is bad enough that this housing market has brought... Read more

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I bought dean graziosi's books. what a huge mistake that was. I then as solicited by phone by some ***, well maybe I was the ***, however you would like to look at it. I bought in to this guy's ***. I then found out these company's were from Utah they were in bed together or business together however you want to look at it. One was called PMI and the other was called the tax club. They have some many bad reviews about them they had... Read more

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Do not send Dean or his henchmen any of your hard earned $$$$! After you buy Dean's book a few groups will call you to extract money from you. This is really how Dean makes his money, not from real estate but by scamming hard-working Americans. These groups are ITS Training and The Tax Club. ITS is located just down the street from Dean's operation and they are a total ripoff. They will extract any amount of cash they can from you... Read more

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My husband purchased the "Be a Real Estate Millionaire" book. He never opened it and then we started to receive monthly billings for $29.95. When I called the company to ask if I could return it for a refund, they pretty much told me TOO BAD, even tho the package was unopened and the internet site, which was what the $29.95 per month was for was never accessed. They also called a few times for more money! Steer clear of this company... Read more

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Dean company is the biggest ***-artist I've ever met. This guy has taken people for their hard earn money and lied about how you can make money. I have lost my job and this company still wont give me back my $8,500. I am now in the process of suing this company and ITV for having this crooked man on their show. I thought that I was signing up for a honest program but found out later it's all a scam to beat people out of their money. The... Read more

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