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On my journey to purse my career in Real Estate, I researched some books, looked over the internet, and the Dean Graziosi was hitting really hard. He was said to be the best on this field and was I lucky that he was having a seminar not so far from my house.

Just a few miles drive away from home. So I signed up on the day of the seminar as scheduled. I was charged $2000 cash, and so I entered the hotel for the seminar. ***, I was expecting so much to this seminar and this Dean Graziosi.

But what did happened was first, he did not even appeared and second they added more charges. $997 for Tax liens and etc. Everyone was thinking the same, I really don't want to spend more, having attended this seminar, I would expect worse and spending more would add the burden.

If the real estate world is this polluted and this manipulative, makes me have second thoughts to continue on the fear that clients may generalize that all Real Estate Agents are all the same. Me ending on large money loss though I was working an honest living.

If we were only given the chance to ask questions and speak ourselves, we could have done something on this matter. But we were not given the chance to ask question and if we speak bad during breaks, and some crew heard us, we are warned to be kicked out of the seminar. We were harassed.

Lesson learned. No more Dean Graziosi.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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I feel for you, losing all that money! God help you!

I recently attended one of Dean Graziosi's free seminars also, but I had the sense not to get suckered into buying one of the more expensive programs. I couldnt believe how people were just jumping up and paying $1497.00 for the real estate course. Most of these people will NEVER use the knowledge, the odds are simply stacked against them. And they looked like they couldn't rub two nickels together, in cheap shoes, clothes made in China, bad hairstyles. Oh my God! And then they were offering the Tax Lien package that would take even more of your money. It was Unbelievable.

I was interested in this package, but I told myself, don't you dare fall for this, do the research first. Stay in your seat!

I suspected this was the way it would go down before I even got there. I feel sorry for the people who paid all that money to attend the 3 day workshop. From there, they will probably want even more of your money. Oh my! I'm sure about 97 percent of them will be totally disappointed. I'm so glad I stuck to my guns and didn't buy anything.

I'm in the wrong line of work! I wish I could make money like this, scamming people, but I couldnt talk to God at night in my prayers doing that to people, how could I explain myself to God!!!

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