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Graziosi and PMI - cohorts in bait and switch. If you are serious about getting into real estate investing, DON'T invest any of your money in Dean Graziosi and PMI. Why would you? He charges almost $12 grand for "17" online courses, only one of which is directed toward an investment method. The rest are basic finance intros such as:

- What to Look For;

- What's it Worth;

- Seller's List;

- Property Inspection;

- Sandwich Lease Options;

- Foreclosures Overview;

- Finding Foreclosures;

- Public Records;

- Retirement Funds and Self Directed IRAs;

- Building Corporate Credit;

- Marketing Yourself on the Web;

- Marketing Overview;

- Assignment of Contract;

- Networking & Your Power Team;

- Buyer's List - Fast Cash;

- Working with Private Investors; and finally,

- Working with Hard Money Lenders.

Yes, all the these topics are essential to "doing the deal;" however, notice that the only "method" covered is Foreclosures. If you want to learn other methods, such as lease options, tax liens, notes, rehab, or any of the many other real estate investment methods, you are EXPECTED to PAY EXTRA for them. Graziosi is so cheap that he recently hawked, via email, a CD that, according to him, was "less than $20!!" How CHEAP is that? I told him he should include it FREE in his course.

Graziosi/PMI also has a "knock off" foreclosure website service called "" for which he charges about $300. The name is obviously a knock off of the more popular and successful "" Graziosi has a long list of "features" that "" does that his competitors do not. I seriously doubt that, since I also use,, and, unfortunately, Graziosi's "PropTrand" software. Granted, PropTrend is not Graziosi's per se, but he endorses it, includes it in his $11,240.00 training package, and it, like the rest of his training materials, is a POS (Piece of ***)!!

So, the bottom line is: Why pay almost 12K for Graziosi stuff, and he will try hard to sell you more, when you can go to the Creative Real Estate Investors' online and learn at lot of the basics for FREE. And, if you want to get into a particular investing method, say foreclosures, you can buy it for about 3% of what Graziosi is charging. In addition, there are TONS of books out there at about $20 a pop that have all the basic information you will ever need. The books plus Creative Real Estate Investors ( will give you all the basic financial information you need. If that's not enough, has FREE webinars (yes, the presenters are hawking their products) that give you more than enough information for you to determine which methods you want to pursue. For about $500 dollars you can purchase an investment system, for instance, buying foreclosures, for which you will pay nearly $12 grand through Graziosi/PMI.

All this from a former CAR SALESMAN from FLORIDA who went on to bigger and more lucrative "bait and switch" tactics in real estate investing.

Graziosi is no doubt a multimillionaire, probably multi-, and possibly decamillionaire. However, he lacks the character and integrity that most self-made first-generation millionaires have. Graziosi is the type of "character" who would squeeze the last nickel out of his own students, and he does just that. Just like a true car salesman...

Did I forget to mention THE TAX CLUB? Oh yes, PMI's people HIGHLY recommend THE TAX CLUB. The tax club advisors/consultants are downright *** and if you take their advice, you could end up behind bars. For example, they told us, "...we could live the corporate lifestyle and write it off as business expenses..." suggesting that groceries, movie tickets, etc, could be written off as company expenses.

There are three states that you MUST beware of people selling from: Colorado, Utah, and Florida. Graziosi's PMI operates in Lehi, Utah. Graziosi operates in Florida. Colorado's scam laws are very lax as well.

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