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I went to the Seminar tonight in Kingsport, TN.TOTAL SCAM.

No camera, gas card, ipad, or any other "free prizes" they promise you to get you there either. The seminar that was suppose to take only 90 minutes lasted FOUR HOURS. When I asked about the free gifts, they made a mockery of me, trying to embarrass me. They said," All you came for was free gifts?

You did not buy". Yeah, I snapped after that, I gave the guys working there an ear full. It included some profanity, and it felt great.

Please do your homework before going to this scam.

Look at the ratings these guys have with reputable places like consumer affairs. He owns several different companies. They are all very bad. Just type the guys name into google and it automatically adds the word scam at the end of his name for you!

Thankfully, I did not buy anything at this seminar, but others did.Those poor people are going to loose every dime they paid and probably get milked out of more.

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He and his cronies are worse than ***


Wow you all are idiots. Talking about how you didn't get your free gift what a joke. They actually financed my first deal and I could care less about not getting a gift.


A family member of mine is falling for this ***.They already paid the $1997 and are getting ready to head to the next step.

For them this entails putting down $60,000.They are brainwashed so bad they won't listen to anyone that they are falling into a terrible scam.


My sister and I almost spent our $1,997.00 for the 3 day seminar after hearing all the wonderful things during the 4 hour seminar...thank God we didn't spend a dime, after we heard one of the ladies there that worked with the sales men say that we could have access to the $500,000.00 only if our buyer and seller are under an approved contract and it has to be done within 3 days.Let's see, Home Inspection, Appraisal, and Earnest Money and a fully approved contract all within 3 days.........not possible.

A home inspection is a must. I won't sell something to another person that has unknowns that should had been knowns.

And I thought that this was going to bring about some great things for my family and I.I am very disappointed that Dean has sucker punches for us that hand over our hard earned money....I wonder if Buffett even knows the real stuff Dean is having his people put out to all of us...........just very disappointed.


I went to the same lengthy seminar in RI.I recieved a camera at the end however.

Its a digital camera with no screen to actually view the pictures, but I guess its a camera. I see people are posting that the next step/course was offered to them for 3000. Here it was 2000 for two people. I knew before going that it would be a sales pitch but wanted to see what it was about.

Has anyone here actually gone through to the next level which is not free?I would love to know!

to Tim #975408

Yes. It is also a scam. Not worth it.


I just came home from this bologna of a seminar...No book..

No camera..... All this did was take up four hours of my life that I'll never get back.... All they want people to do is spend over $3000. I have a strange feeling they don't even sell real estate to make money because they make plenty off any one who buys into this ***...

Thank God I have the best fiancé in the world because I dragged her to this and her positive thinking was..At least we spent the time together....


I would say I got f*ed in the a** by Dean Graziosi's program, but I'm pretty sure he was born a woman anyways.


I went to the seminar in AZ and of course they made the same promises.And of course there was no camera, gas card...just these *** cards that you have to fill out and mail in!!

Months later still no camera..... He's so rich that he couldn't give people a free camera???? then why the heck do you promise people these things then ..... and obviously you don't deliver.

We should sue them and everyone that spend their hard working money should get their money back and we should suck all their money out. I would definitely buy a toilet and give them all who was involved... one shiny white toilet.

:p :zzz why you asked?b/c they are full of *** that's why.


The only loser he'll be scamming is himself! HA :p

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