I have not received anything but a bunch of phone calls trying to get more money out of me. Have not seen the book; its been almost 2 months.

I have tried reaching them to cancel further charges to my card. No return phone calls or emails.. Do not purchase from him he is a scam artist.

All he does is train "coaches" at 801-341-3643 to try and get more money out of you. The coach made the mistake of thinking he had me on hold while he was talking to hi boss and I overheard them talking about how much they could get out of me for being my "coach"

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San Francisco, California, United States #715073

Dean and his team are not scam artists. They do indeed provide a service.

It's kind of like when you go to a nice restaurant, order a filet and a bottle of expensive wine. You're all excited about it and the waitress comes over and tells you how great it is going to be. Outstanding, but I think it would be better if you ordered a side of mushrooms, and a salad. They are devine she tells you.

You are so hungry now you go ahead and take her advice. When she comes back with your wine, you take a sip and it is sour. Really sour. You sit there for a moment and think that it is your imagination.

Clearly they wouldn't bring you sour wine in this lovely restaurant. You make mention to the waitress, but she explains that they just had this bottle flown in from Italy and it is supposed to taste that way. You agree, the sour must be because it is imported. Then comes your dinner.

Your stomach is growling. When you look at the filet you notice it is not a filet at all. It looks like a cube steak and the mushrooms and salad are old and and rotting. You complain, but the waitress assures you that these too are exotic, special mushrooms and the salad is supposed to look brown.

This is not a cube steak she says bewildered. This is a filet from a cow we had specially cut for you. Look at all of our happy customers, she says. Looking around the room, indeed everyone looks happy.

You eat what you can of your dinner, and start to think you are going a little crazy, but every time you doubt the meal, someone will come over and say, "isn't this the best restaurant in town?" Then you find yourself believing that you are eating a filet and fabulous wine. When your done with your meal, the bill comes. As you are looking it over, you notice that the mushrooms cost $40,000. That's absurd.

Must be a mistake. You ask the waitress, and she responds by saying that you wanted them. They made your dinner so much better. By now you realize what has happened, you've been ripped off.

Not scammed. Looking around the room you then realize that most of the people in the restaurant are not patrons, they are employees.

You dispute the charges, but you can not refund the merchandise and therefore you must pay. the owners laugh all the way to the bank saying, "can you believe that guy ordered the mushrooms?"


I went to his seminar. When we first arrived we were told to smiled at the door person or we will get "bounced out".

That put me off. They promised us free books and a camera. When i asked for it after the seminar we were denied because if "thats all i care about". They want you to come to sell you a 3 thousand dollar upgrade.

Very shady. Avoid


It is absoultly sicking to me to watch this smuck on the tv "The Hason Report". Dean Graziosi is a scam artisit that made his good fortune off of other peoples miss fortune!

Any person that has the tools to swindle and play off of the lay persons worries and ignorances along with a solid understand of a business back ground, YOU to can scam anyone!

I have dedicated my time to expose these individuals and Mr Graziosi is on the Scam List. CONSUMERS BEWARE OF THIS THEIF!


Be careful with their "take back approach" or "Are you really serious in your dreams"

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