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Ref: TaxLien program.

Called, Try to reach customer suport, Box full no one return my callssssssssss.

No choice, But post complain on Facebook and any complain web-site.

His program is Scam, buyer beware....



June, 25 2012. $1,497.00 Paid for Tax Lien Tutor Package. Cover Four programs.

Program No. 1

- Paid the package at the sight after seminar.

- Seminar speaker said, as he's holding the package in his hand, we will get software inside this package. I thought I'll own the right to using this software. But there is no software in the package. After opened the package back home, I find out, I have to pay additional monthly fee to access by using their web-site.

Program No.2.

Addition fee besides paid package, Access to their website $99./month. Life time: $24.xx/mon.

- Had access problem. Couldn't log in. Called customer support, unable to reach them. Left message 6 times, called back 2 days later. By the time, 4 days past, my return allowing time (3days) is EXPIRED!!!

May be too many users access into at same time, run very slow, or frozen which not accessible at all.

Program No. 3 They will have local training sections, promised offer 1 week after paid.

But all of the training is far away, at least 3 hours driving distance. Since I have medical health problem, unable to drive more than 1 hour.

Program No. 4. Customer support:

* Called during the business hours: All the time, holding for more than 20 min...

Finally I have to leave my messages. Left messages at least 6 times. they returned my calls 2 time 2 days later.

* At the seminar, they claimed before my purchasing:

The person, who answer the phone, is Tax Lien export.

As I finally reached them, they couldn't give me the right answer. She either said this is not their field to cover. Or, she have very shallow knowledge to handle the question. Not helpful at all.

Experienced their bad services for 2 weeks by now...

Called them, holding for 1.5 hours, asking for refund. by now they refused my request.

Any one can help me about this matter? I'm pissed....


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Hialeah, Florida, United States #677538

I also went to their seminars, and I was thinking about buying their tax lien program, but I have been reading many bad reviews about their company. I will go with another company for my investment. Thinking about US TAX LIEN ASSOCIATION


It doesn't matter what their return policy is.Dispute the charge with your credit card company, and refuse to pay it.

Tell them you were misled by the seller and that you feel defrauded and want the credit card company to recover your money. THEY WILL do it. Just call them to get a dispute form.

You can even do it on their Web site.Best wishes!

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