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I bought dean graziosi's books. what a huge mistake that was. I then as solicited by phone by some ***, well maybe I was the ***, however you would like to look at it. I bought in to this guy's ***. I then found out these company's were from Utah they were in bed together or business together however you want to look at it. One was called PMI and the other was called the tax club. They have some many bad reviews about them they had to come up with a world wide web version 2.0. You really don't want to do business with any business in utah, I don't even consider utah a state anymore because they let company's like this operate, to be quite honest I am ashamed to say this,but if I had a choice between buying something from utah and china, I would have to go with china. Utah is another country as far as i'm concerned. Arizona your not to far behind letting Dean Graziosi operate and you also have auto seller network a fraudulent auto business. It's time people take a stand a shut down fraudulent business practices and yes some of the well known companies like verizon wireless is a little shady as far as i'm concerned. I think Dean Graziosi has them all beat. Do your research people before you give your hard earned money to Dean. I can operate a business and have 100 of my employees get on the web and give me good reviews and make myself look better than I really am and ripoff report shame on you for taking up for Dean, your the reason I'm in this mess in the first place.

The reason for this post is im tired of getting ripped off by fraudulent companies I was promised by PMI and The tax club that I would get my money refunded on my taxes and then they change there tune during tax time. I don't believe in slander and through the years I had my up's and downs with companies and maybe I lost a little bit of money here and there, however a lot of business today try to *** people out of there hard earned money, this is how they make there millions. I don't think slander and the persuasion to hand over your credit cards to these companies is any different than one another,they want to advertise how great they are I am just making my own truthful ad at how really bad these companies really are.

Monetary Loss: $8000.

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Thank you for these reviews. I just checked Dean Graziosi out on BBB.

They have an "F" rating and are NOT a BBB member!

RED FLAG!!!! I'm sure glad I ALWAYS search for reviews on the web BEFORE I buy anything that sounds to good to be true....


hey tim9m, your first comments were right on aobut Dean! what happened?

did you get that camera or gas card that he promised people.

was it like 5 dollars worth of gas or some cheesy polarid... its ok if your are :upset


"DEAN" GRAZIOSI is actually "Deanna" GRAZIOSI!

If you don't believe me, look at your ring finger and your "pointer" finger of the same hand. If you are male your "pointer" is ALWAYS shorter than the "ring" finger on the same hand.

If you are female, the "pointer" finger is ALWAYS longer than your "ring finger".

Medical FACT! Deanna is a female!


I went way over board on deflamatory statements mad against Dean. It is really my apology.

Pissed off consumer thinks that if you edit a post that you will keep someone from seeing the truth. This is far from the truth. If you get mad at your girl friend and say terrible stuff to her the you apologize the next day. I was angry and wrote some terrible things.

I would of liked to edit my post and continue on the right track however, Pissed off consumer thinks you were paid off or something.

This is far from the truth Dean really has some good material that will get you on the write track. TIm

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