These guys sell access to a website under the guise that you are buying a book cheaply.

After watching an infomecial I called the number and tried to order a book.

It starts with the sales person taking your credit card info for the purchase of a book advertised in an infomercial, once they have your credit card info they proceed to tell you they will charge your card $29 a month for access to a website with real estate info.

I just spent 30mins cancelling my card, time I didnt have to waste.

Dont get sucked into it people

Monetary Loss: $29.

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Vineland, New Jersey, United States #133122

After reading your post, I would like to speak with you personally. The information in your post is simply not true. If you would contact me with your full name I would be more than willing to look in to your file and see what is going on and what you were billed for.

James Mayberry

Director of Client Services

Dean Enterprises LLC



Liar , I've bought many items off of deans website & have never been charged more , contacted , or anything . plus his website do not charge anything to join its free .


I ordered the books online and got 2 books for like $20 bucks plus shipping. The website is free for anybody to go on anyway.

Theres nothin to buy on there except the books. The rest of the site is forums and real estate information.


My card was charged only one time for 19.95. I received both books. I have not subscribed to the web site and have not been charged for it.


Thats not true! I purchased just the book and got a second book free and was only charged 19.95 plus shipping.

Perhaps you didn't follow the instructions. And no one has called me for more.


I didn't trust this *** at the first moment I saw her.

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