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I signed up for the Dean Graziosi's Real Estate success Academy.  I was contacted by a Professional Marketing International (PMI) of Lehi, Utah.  The salesman on the phone wanted to see if I was good enough.  (that's the game they play).   Like a dummy I gave them $35,000 from my savings.  I trusted Dean wan his helpful ways.  That's why I did it.  I wish I had known what I know now.  Then I was contacted by the Tax Factory who wanted another $2,400 to set up an LLC for my deals and could do my taxes for me.  They told me they got my name from the Dean Graziosi Real Estate Success Academy.  PMI told me that after my 5th deal I would get my money back.  I did 8.  Then I had a stroke.  That's was last year.  I have been trying for over a year to get my money back from these guys with no luck.   I can't get get the physical therapy I need because these guys still have my money.  I have asked for my refund over and over again.

While I've been trying to get my money back I started to do some investigating.  I was surprised to find out that   PMI is under instigation by the Federal Trade Commission and the California Attorney General's office.

I have come across numerous articles now I am going through this.  This one in particular.  It describes the tactics.  Does any of it sound familiar?

It looks like these guys got me good.  Now, as a senior citizen and disabled person, I am too weak to fight.  So I have no choice but to file a complaint with the federal Trade Commission, the California and Colorado Attorney General's office and now the better business bureau.

I'm upset because due to my health situation when I need the money most, I can't get it back.

This is ridiculous.  I hope you never have to go what I have gone through.

Be careful.


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Tell your story to rip off report! They show him in excellent standing It will help get the word out on this guy. I almost went to his seminar today until I saw all these complaints!

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