I am writing this to help other viewers So they will not be fooled or lie to, like me. If this company knows how to take constructive criticism then they may change their approach.

This is to help both viewers as well as the Dean’s company. I was suckered into joining their initial meeting because of their promise that ALL Attendants will receive Target Card, dinner, MP3 players , Dean ‘s book, and dinner . I came on time and sign in. The man handed me a free book.

I asked what about the free MP3 player and Target card. He then handed me the instructions to register for the target card, BUT NOT MP3 player . I said all Attendants should receive one per flyer but he say no this is not the case. So I sat in the meeting for 1 hour and 45 minutes, but dinner was NOT serve at 6pm , not 7pm , not even 745pm.

This is unforgivable since my sugar start dropping and it is past my dinnertime. After the sale representative finished marketing , some people sign up for the $1,000 class and 75 percent of the people left hungry and WITHOUT MP3 player. The other 25 percent of the people that sign up get a turkey sandwich. They chose a cheap venue because there was about a 100 Attendants all squeezed into a SMALL room, no table to write, no leg room ,no snack since they choose to cut down their cost.

The company brought turkey sandwich for the people who paid the $1k class or the remaining 25 precent of the people who remained after 8pm. The next day I looked up the website for target card. You have to spend your money first , and Then hopefully you will get a rebate. But you have to do some work first , like submitting your receipt online each month.

If you do not submit your receipt then you do not get reimbursed.

This is my impression . This it’s a poor representation of Dean’s company because it does not reflect the company is making a profit or it’s wealth . Why chose a cheap venue? Why serve only the people who paid for the $1k class?

Why does Dean ‘s company NOT delivered on their promise for a free MP3 player for ALL Attendants?

Why did the company NOT feed 100% precent of the Attendants at the beginning of the meeting ? Dean’s company seems to be thrifty and cutting alot of corners.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dean Graziosi Course.

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