After listening to all the stuff they had to say. I decided to give it a try.

$4500.00 later I changed my mind. I called within the 3 days only to receive a call a couple days later with more ***. Needless to say they didn't refund my money. Mr Graziosi probably didn't get rich doing this business.

It's from people like me that went for their line of ***. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it's a duck.... Watch out for them...

You won't get your money back.

Monetary Loss: $4500.

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ok i won't do it but besides a job where can i make some money :?


Dean Graziosi is a f....ing scam. Nynative13402, you are a f...ing ***!


Why did it take 4500 for you to find out that Dean's program is a scam? That doesn't make sense to me.

Did you receive everything they promised for the $4500? Was this to join his Success Academy? I ask because I've bought "Think a Little Different" and several other books he's written....nothing costing $4500! I'm curious.

Seems to be more to this story than being told as I've learned a tremendous amount about Real Estate and know this program works....but YOU have to work it! Please elaborate....


This program is a total rip off. The book is good however.

It does cover basics of real estate. However, its the people(marketers) he has working for him that make Dean a rich man. They called me and wanted 4500. I did tell them I had about 10,000 in credit I could use so of course they were licking their chops in hopes that I would give in.

After about 10 minutes of hesitation something didnt feel right about this. I said no and the guy got really pissed off at me and told me " you will never be a good real estate investor " and a few other words so I hung up on him and realized it was nothing but a scam. They had the nerve to get another coworker on the phone about 30 min later trying to apologize and offered the course for 3500. I still said no.

Unbelievably about a week later, another marketer called and still apologized and offered the program for 2000. These people wont take no for an answer. They called me for a year, I just didnt answer. They dont know anything about real estate people.

They are marketers, trying to make commission off selling a product they no nothing about. Good luck


Don't listen to the people who THINK they know about real estate investing; they are just full of themselves and don't have anything nice to say about anything they don't understand. The real estate market is depressed and the time to BUY real estate is when the market is depressed.

So NOW is the time to invest. Don't listen to people who don't know squat about investing and don't listen to people who spend money to GET RICH QUICK and then sit on their butt expecting it to magically happen.

I just spent over $11K on Dean's program and expect to make at least that much on my first deal. I KNOW it's possible; I KNOW other people who have done it; and I KNOW if they can do it, SO CAN I!!!

But it AIN'T MAGICALLY gonna' happen; I will have to work for it--at least 10 hours a week!!!


Dean Graziosi, what do you know about him???. I thought Dean Graziosi was a nice guy, but I guess I am finding out that he may not be nice guy. Please give your comments.


I'm calling it, seriously; Dean is a Female to Male Transexual.

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