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These hustlers know how to play the customer, not the cards. I hope Larry King takes his reputation of Grazioski's list, or is he too playing the odds?

We were expecting Larry King, or at least Dean Graziosi. Instead we got a presenter who didn't even introduced himself but walked into the room with a large projection screen of Graziosi as a back drop. I held up my hand and asked him if he was the man on the screen. It through him off. After his come-to-Jesus speech I asked him in front on the others if he would sign my book so I could make money by trading it - trading being one of his key notes. He said that was a bad attempt at a joke. I have gone to many of these events including Tony Robbins' who I have met. He paraphrased him and declared that he was the guy all these wizards of the wallet go to for advice.

Another thing weird was the constant references to name brands such as Amazon and Tesler while denouncing making decisions based on name brands.

And one last thing. The brown bag lunch of a white meat sandwich, chips, a cookie and water was not healthy.

I cannot say louder how these fakers need to be EXPOSED.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dean Graziosi Course.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Funny and honest.

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