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We are very excited you purchased Dean’s life changing book, Millionaire Success Habits! And on behalf of Dean, we want to welcome you to the DG family! We also appreciate the opportunity to address your complaint. I am sorry if there was any confusion during the purchase process. Dean is always trying to over deliver with his products and courses. Dean believes they can be very powerful when bundled together. I am so glad we were able to resolve this issue immediately and thank you for allowing us to service your needs.
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I was watching a youtube video an his ad came on went to move clicked on the link by mistake then saw his book for free was like okay not bad i can take my business to a whole other level. To only find out my bank was charged an additional 47 dollars which i did not approve of.

As a single mom every dime is counted for an now this extra purchase costed me to not have a bill paid for my child. Very upset an dosgusted at how someone can speak so highly of themselves to just take without permission. I would like to be refunded my correct amount of what i was charged. 47 plus the 8.97 for shipping or i will be reporting this.

If someone can contact me from his business i'd greatly appreciate it. Phone number is 603507****

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