Went with my wife to their "free seminar including dinner" at the Hyatt Regency, 2424 Kalakaua Ave. in Waikiki, Honolulu, HI.

They started off saying a "steak dinner" will be provided after their presentation. At the Hyatt, a quality dinner could be expected. There were 7 things that convinced me this was a scam, and they should not be interacted with. (1) The "steak dinner" turned out to be a small minimalist thinly sliced (only 1 slice) turkey luncheon meat and iceberg lettuce sandwich on soggy white bread.

Only ice-water to drink. (2) They offered their "3 day seminar" as a fading opportunity come-on. Sign up now for $1144 or pay $3000 later on. (3) The presenter kept calling on audience members individually to agree with everything he said.

He started off saying things obviously true and picked people out at random to agree with him. Then his statements gradually became things that would need some research to assess veracity, but he pressured his designated marks to blurt out agreement without having time to think about it. Sort of like the hustler who keeps elbowing you, intimidating you to agree with everything he says right at that moment. (4) This opportunity to become wealthy flipping fixer-upper houses sounded too good to be true.

Pay for the next level of their scheme, and they will show you how to become involved contacting people buying and others selling, while you stand in the middle letting some of this exchange of $ fall into your pocket without much time or any effort on your part. Don't need any $ down, to know any buyers or sellers (+ left unsaid was who would do the fixing-up and how this could be arranged confidently while doing nothing if you, yourself, are not a contractor of many skills) or even anything about real estate. (5) The #s didn't add up. There would be too many clueless neophytes chasing too few properties, while being in competition with professional real-estate agents who know what they are doing.

(6) They claimed no license is needed to do what they say. Wrong. Anyone without a realtors and/or contractors license would be breaking the law doing what they were trying to sell their marks on. (7) The presenter said they will give you whatever $ you needed to get started, and you could pay them back, interest free, out of the fantastic profits guaranteed to be coming your way (yeah, right).

When it became obvious the turkey sandwich WAS the "steak dinner", it was time to leave. The suckers taken in were in the back of the room signing up for the $1144 three day seminar. Going out to the elevator, I heard another guy, leaving with his wife(?) making comments he had come to the same conclusion I did.

The whole duplicitous presentation was a waste of our time. At least it wouldn't cost me $1144 to hear more of their bs.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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I just signed up for a 3 day online seminar and I kept being too late to bother signing in, so I missed the seminar. However, ever since I signed up, my inbox has been inundated with messages from him and his crew.

It made me happy that I missed the seminar.

They are obviously desperate for followers/enrolees. I am VERY suspicious.


So youre correct but a little mislead, what youre describing was real estate wholesaling. No its not as easy as they let on BUT its not exactly a lie, (tho persoanlly id have left if i were you lie to me about food how dare you.) A its A LOT OF WORK and B IT IS ALOT OF WORK C its not get rich quikc BUT that may happen just highly unlikely in my case it took months to get my first 5k profit.


Lol. I just happened to come across this clowns ad that came on before a YouTube video I was trying to watch and felt compelled to google him.

I actually am a real estate professional and I like to think of myself as a non naive person as well. I’m glad I found this site, I just find it sad that there ARE people out there who will pay this clown to go speak.

He’s preying on the weak and uneducated. Should be arrested.


I have been To the Same Seminars. ALL Very TRUE!!!!! Don't Spend your Money & LOSE IT!!!!


Most of these type of events are playing on people's wants and desires for a better life while taking them to the bank nd that's how they became rich. Lie the old medicine shows in the Old West


Correct. All he's selling are papier mache dreams.


but he was loaded before selling his "scam" as you call it? anyway jsut buy and rent out real estate multi families 16+ units per property. best way to go (not saying pay but look up Grant Cardone dude knows his apt complexes)


Thank you.


Thanks for posting this information about Dean Grazioso. I suspected this was the likely scenario.

I am a licensed real estate agent, and you are on point here. Also, CA law requires licenses to protect consumers. The internet has created so many new scam artists it is shocking! Nearly everything is fake on the internet when it comes to getting rich quick schemes, and or, home listings, and roommate listings on all the Brand name sites.

Beware ladies of the predators. And everyone beware the majority listings online aren't real; nor owned, or represented by the individual promoting them.


I went to a Dean seminar myself.. I had a problem with why would they need me for a "snap sale" if they found the property and somebody else financed the deal ?

Why would they only take 1.65 % ??

You know the old saying, if it sounds too good to be true .. And then why would this minion who makes so much money renting out properties be selling this course at a Ramada inn ?


Total scam the man should be arrest that dwarf troll


I went to a similar seminar at my local area. Guy who did this training was all dressed up but did make no sense.

I had a hard time to connect the dots in his process.

And of course if he can get rich doing this with no money down why bother spending two- three hours of his time with few somewhat poor looking folks in the room? These people have no shame?


They say, They will Fund YOUR Deals. But, Up Front, at the Seminar They will not Tell U There Criteria for Funding.??

I Tried Asking Them. U would have to find Deals to meet there Funding Requirements. By Them Not stating that, I feel it's a RED FLAG... Not to Pursue& Purchase.

Sales CON..... Don't Believe......


Thank you! For your review


He is a liar and bisexual..


I think he used to be a woman. There is no history or pictures of him when he was young.


My sister is gullible - she bought this whole come-on hook, line, and sinker - but then she couldn't attend, so she put my name on the list instead and asked me to get her the "free" book. I'm always open to legitimate opportunities, and I've participated in network marketing / MLM - both good and bad - so I've heard lots of promises, and have both made and lost money doing these things under the guise of "personal growth".

But this ordeal...forget it.

Run the other way - fast! - and do not share your contact information with these scam artists.


There are so many scams, I can not begin to count the ways. I try to handle all of this with humor such as.........

"Maybe you just didn't lean it to it hard enough" or "Maybe if you paid the $1,000 plus with a better attitude, you might have achieved karma"...... It is better communicated in person:) Have a nice day:)


It’s called wholesaling and most of the points made by the original poster are pointless. It doesn’t require a liscense, and if you do the work, you’ll see the results.

In a week? Heck no. In a month? If you don’t like sleep.

In a few months? Definitely if you are doing everything correctly. As far as all those sales pitches and up sells and audience manipulations, he’s being a salesman. It’s nothing special, nor is it illegal.

It’s just a tactic used to get people to buy something.

You get haggled every day at Walmart when you see 2 pack “value deals”, or flash sales. Grow up and read a book.

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