Went with my wife to their "free seminar including dinner" at the Hyatt Regency, 2424 Kalakaua Ave. in Waikiki, Honolulu, HI.

They started off saying a "steak dinner" will be provided after their presentation. At the Hyatt, a quality dinner could be expected. There were 7 things that convinced me this was a scam, and they should not be interacted with. (1) The "steak dinner" turned out to be a small minimalist thinly sliced (only 1 slice) turkey luncheon meat and iceberg lettuce sandwich on soggy white bread.

Only ice-water to drink. (2) They offered their "3 day seminar" as a fading opportunity come-on. Sign up now for $1144 or pay $3000 later on. (3) The presenter kept calling on audience members individually to agree with everything he said.

He started off saying things obviously true and picked people out at random to agree with him. Then his statements gradually became things that would need some research to assess veracity, but he pressured his designated marks to blurt out agreement without having time to think about it. Sort of like the hustler who keeps elbowing you, intimidating you to agree with everything he says right at that moment. (4) This opportunity to become wealthy flipping fixer-upper houses sounded too good to be true.

Pay for the next level of their scheme, and they will show you how to become involved contacting people buying and others selling, while you stand in the middle letting some of this exchange of $ fall into your pocket without much time or any effort on your part. Don't need any $ down, to know any buyers or sellers (+ left unsaid was who would do the fixing-up and how this could be arranged confidently while doing nothing if you, yourself, are not a contractor of many skills) or even anything about real estate. (5) The #s didn't add up. There would be too many clueless neophytes chasing too few properties, while being in competition with professional real-estate agents who know what they are doing.

(6) They claimed no license is needed to do what they say. Wrong. Anyone without a realtors and/or contractors license would be breaking the law doing what they were trying to sell their marks on. (7) The presenter said they will give you whatever $ you needed to get started, and you could pay them back, interest free, out of the fantastic profits guaranteed to be coming your way (yeah, right).

When it became obvious the turkey sandwich WAS the "steak dinner", it was time to leave. The suckers taken in were in the back of the room signing up for the $1144 three day seminar. Going out to the elevator, I heard another guy, leaving with his wife(?) making comments he had come to the same conclusion I did.

The whole duplicitous presentation was a waste of our time. At least it wouldn't cost me $1144 to hear more of their bs.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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So you've been to the presentation and endorse what he is doing to people who are being manipulated? Or you are someone who takes advantage of others the way he does with lies and manipulation to get people in the door! It may not be illegal but it certainly is immoral but of course no one subscribes to morality anymore!


Dean Greazyosi is a scammer.


Hi there everyone. Dean Graziosi might be a good motivation speaker but don't ever buy his free book.

Because you will be overcharged with an extra 97USD for no reason. As I was recently among many others.

And you can email them for complaint but your email will never be answered as I just find out from other forums. SCAM!!!!


Dean is a co man. Always was


During the presentation if the presentor wants you to answer fast or agree with what they're saying without giving you a chance to think, that's when you know they're eating you alive. Went on one of their event and the speaker said he doesn't want to get the event longer but took us 2 hours!

2 hours of convincing us that they're the best of the best, yeah right. They want you to decide fast and they want your $ fast.


I thought your review definitely touched on my instincts when I attended the free hour long seminar in which they wanted us to fork over $1000 for a 3 day seminar in just an hours time, which to me was not enough time or information to get me to budge!! it just did not sit well with me, and we got the same turkey sandwich dinner with soggy bread lol!!!!

thank you for your input, because it really helped me in making that tough decision if I should buy into this "sounds to good to be true" workshop!!!! It just seems like they are feeding on people's emotions and making people make fast decisions without any follow up or guarantee!!


Dido. Aside from the cold egg McMuffin with nothing to drink for the "wonderful lunch" the $250 Srarbucks card was a scam.

It couldn't be activated. Paid the $1140 but will cancel.

By law you have 3 business days to cancel. I also got a text, before the hour presentation, saying 1800 have responded to the invite when in fact only about 25 people were there some of which I'm sure were shills.

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