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My wife and I bought two of the programs that Dean endorses.

Never should anyone be sold both, we put in countless hours with 0 results and never found time to even try the second program, then all of the mentoring ended, through a special event in Las Vegas we purchased a house fairly reasonably through Property Direct with the property manager already in place. The house was out of state so it was very inconvenient to visit, we trusted our property mgr to have the rehab completed and a renter placed within a few months, the contractor was not reputable and his worked sucked.

After many trips to the property and phone conversations with the property mgr and contractor we found out that the property manager was pocketing most of our money and scamming the contractor.

The property mgr quit taking all of our calls, contractor states took over all aspects of the rehab, renting, repairs, He finally placed a renter that he did a check on. She paid the first month trashed the place filled the garage with garbage before being able to evict her, second rehab started and the contractor says he was injured and unable to finish our house after over a year of working on it and we never received return pay or the supplies he had purchased.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Same thing happened to us. Did you eventually sell?

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