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We are very excited you tried Dean’s Underground Millionaire Mastermind. And on behalf of Dean, we want to welcome you to the DG family! We also appreciate the opportunity to address your complaint. I am sorry if there was any delay in addressing your cancellation through customer service. Dean and our customer service team is always striving to be the best and our attention to detail may take just a moment longer but we promise to take care of all your needs. I am so glad we were able to resolve this issue, and thank you for allowing us to service your needs.
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I payed for 1 month, now i am being charged every month, i write them but for now,nobody is responding to me.. I want it to stop, its not it the 7$ as it is in fact that i dont want to pay for this anymore and would gladly put those 7$ every month in any supporting causes for anything.

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