Dean Graziosi - I didn't receive a response.

Yesterday, I ordered the inner circle membership for $47. I was charged $397 which caused my account to be overdrawn. Please reverse the charge for $397 and replace it with the $47. Thanks in advance. David Whittington

Dean Graziosi - Charge on my account

Charge of $180 on my account
These hustlers know how to play the customer, not the cards. I hope Larry King takes his reputation of Grazioski's list, or is he too playing the odds? We were expecting Larry King, or at least Dean Graziosi. Instead we got a presenter who didn't even introduced...
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Dean Graziosi - Course refund

I want $25 refund to my card. I pushed wrong button! Thank You!

Dean Graziosi - I’ve called several times and it just keeps ringing

I got charged $47 a week after my “month trial for a $1” I didn’t expect it to come out and I need to buy groceries. I don’t have time to watch his trainings and also have too many other investments including a licensing for my business I need to be paying for instead.

Dean Graziosi - Have to cancel my purchases from 6-5-18

I called 3 weeks ago and cancelled my purchases but they have not all cancelled. Now no one is answering when I call.
Purchased a book online for @ 8 dollars, we received an unauthorized charge of 97 dollars and received another unauthorized charge of 47 dollars that took place the same day of purchase. I had tried calling customer service number that is listed, The first time I...
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Spoke with JoJo on third attempt calling. She was very helpful in resolving the issue. She referred to my voicemail, and also was able to quickly locate the charges and where ...


On the third call customer service rep JoJo was very helpful, referred to the voicemail I had left, located the charges immediately and submitting for refund of the charges. T...


Dean Graziosi - False charge of 97 dollars

My bank acct was charged an extra 97 dollars. I ordered a free book and was only suppose to be charged for book shipping, nothing else..

Dean Graziosi - Enrollment problems

I’m trying to get an understanding of the course I’ve just purchased but can’t get in contact with anyone about it. How do I get my money back?

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Dean Graziosi - Disappointed and frustrated eager to make money to support m

Single parent desperate need money ASAP 5 dogs single parent two girls 11 + 13 need money things are desperate teach me how to work from home I paid you$97 and then $497 which I couldn't afford unless I was going to make that money back and it has not happened